Day: November 23, 2020

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Phone Sex – 5 Free Phone Sex Numbers That Will Make Your First Call for Phone Sex Worth It

Phone Sex, which involves identifying sexual acts via the use of cell phones, may at first seem uncomfortable or daunting. But phone sex can be an enjoyable and even a healthy part of any long-distance relationship, especially for people who wish to spice things up in the bedroom. Just because you do not face to face with your partner during a call doesn’t mean the act is less important than if you were face to face. In fact, there are actually several ways that phone sex can help strengthen your relationship.

Perhaps the most obvious way that phone sex can add excitement and variety to your sex life is through “dirty” talk. Phone sex is particularly useful when used in the context of role-playing or dirty talk. Role-playing is simply a fun way for two people to imagine that they are characters from erotic fiction and to explore various sexual fantasies. Most normal conversation is not in this sense, since the participants are merely interested in getting some useful feedback about their performances in bed.

Another way that phone sex operators can add variety to your sexual encounters is through the use of fantasy. One of the most common fantasies among regular people is that of having an affair with their boss, but when it comes to talking sexually about your boss in the context of phone sex it can take on a decidedly more steamy air. Fantasy can be fun because it lets you explore the darker side of your partner’s sexual fantasies, something that’s usually unexplored in normal conversation.

Phone Sex also provides a great way for couples to express their undying love for each other without the physical constraints of a physical relationship. Phone Sex operators tend to use words that are a bit more open and non-confrontational, a welcome change from the often combative nature of most conventional talk. With so many discreet fantasy options available, it’s not hard to find ways to turn your most kinky fantasies into real live scenarios that allow you to fulfill those dreams without worrying about getting caught. Talking dirty to your partner can be a very hot and very safe thing to do, so using your cell phones to do it is both incredibly practical and incredibly kinky.

Some of the most popular fantasies among Phone Sexters tend to have something to do with the sex life of Nikki. Nikki is a fictional character who many Phone Sex participants claim is one of the biggest turn ons in the world of Phone Sex. She is a powerful, confident, and beautiful temptress, always craving attention and the attention of her man. It’s clear from the terminology used by Phone Sex operators that this is a fantasy that has given rise to plenty of opportunities for adventure in the world of Phone Sex.